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The Delta Riggs rock, they have also given us the official exclusive premier of their latest clip to the track Time. Spot the WINNIE BLUE denim jacket all patched up.

Here are some words from lead singer Elliot Hammond.

Who are you?

My name is Elliott James Hammond and I am the singer of the Delta Riggs

What do you do for kicks?

Try and be a good human, appreciate art, love life, play frisby, refuse to conform, stick it to the man, create music, create a message, stand for something, dig others, rebel, communicate, party party party.

I understand many members of your group come from a punkrock background but you now have long hair like hippies explain?

Well first up we are not a band of fucking hippies. In fact the punkrock attitude has never left me, sure when I was younger it was all i was interested in but thats fine. I think when you are young and finding yourself you feel it is important to stand for something and be part of a scene. Kids can relate to the urgency and attitude of the punk message, after it is fucking cool. Although Ive progressed musically and mentally I carry that punk ethos with me still to this day, Id say Im more punk than half the posers out there these days anyway, in the way I live my life. The Riggs dont buy into the system, we dont bow down to the man, we believe in ourselves and we look after each other and our friends, thats what punk rock is all about. Its Us verses Them.

Your latest release has been described as a melting pot of rock n roll freakout, R & B, punk and psychedelia. Theres a lot going on there.

Yes there is. Theres a lot going on everywhere. 

Care to embellish any further?

Not particularly, have you listened to it?

Yes, and it is many of those things.

Our new record is heavier than our last, its rock n roll for the people. Were not trying to be stars, were trying to make good music for the people. If you are unhappy with the shit you hear on the radio that is not surprising, it is recycled shit. We dont make music with fancy programs or editing or big production, its us in a room with our instruments playing live and thats it. We only did one take of our new single Time. It was the first take and the first time the band had played the song together. We dont want to sound perfect, we want to sound real.  We leave the gridding and tampering techniques, walls of guitars and vocals to the popstars... it gives them something to do. 

Wise words, well leave it at that.




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