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We caught up with the boys from Dangerous! These guys recently signed with Epitaph worldwide amongst a heap of other recent achievements. If you dont already know about them, get familiar! 

Whats Cracking dudes? Our backs from tour and some icey Australian cool beers!

Where are you? Back in our hometown Adelaide, SA soaking up the spring weather!

Just Back from a UK tour? How was it? UK was mental, it was our second time/tour over there this year. We toured with Young Guns, The Xcerts and The JCQ - all rad bands! Check them out. Stuff just keeps getting bigger for us over there!

You been playing some killer places/venues recently considering your album has only just dropped on Epitaph last month. 

How did all this come about? How did you score the Epitaph Deal? Definitely, we played some of this biggest festivals in the world this year! Sonisphere & Download fests to name a couple! It was fucking sick to see crowds going mental and they hadnt even heard our record yet! We recorded an EP in a garage studio in Adelaide, SA.. Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion/Epitaph CEO) heard it & loved it so we signed with Epitaph & never put the EP out! Teenage Rampage dropped while we were on our last UK tour. People know the words to our songs now!


For those that havent heard of you yet, can you inform them of what Dangerous! is? What your all about? Were the band we wanted to be in as kids. We make every situation fucking SICK! Listen to Teenage Rampage!

What are some bands that have inspired the current Dangerous! sound? Slipknot, Wavves, The Hives, Faith No More.

Got some rad tour clips online, which band member got the creative flare? Who edits? We all make the videos! We make them on the road, it depends who is awake/sober!

Whos the dream band to play alongside of? Malcom Young from AC/DC came to our show at The HMV Forum in London.. so maybe AC/DC?

Being on Epitaph, have you been announced for a Warped tour in the states yet? Haha.. well only do it if we have above ground pools waiting at each venue. Summer tours rule! 

Any Australian Shows/Tours coming up? Were always up to something! Follow us at www.dangerousordie.com plus Twitter & Facebook!


Who tries to get the most babes in the band? We wouldnt let girls join our band! Piss off!!!

Anyone in the band collect Records? Were all into collecting records. Our favourite place to get vinyl is Amoeba Music in Hollywood, that place is SICK! They have a Silverchair section.. Freak Show on yellow vinyl is WOOF! Were really pumped to get Teenage Rampage out on vinyl with a fold out ouija board.

Whats the last band you listened to in Mp3 format? Wavves - LIFE SUX

Give us a couple of Video clips worth checking out? Dangerous! Movers N Shakers UNCENSORED VERSION (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHuSYeDINqc&ob=av2e)

Some bands you recommend checking out? Cerebral Ballzy are cool. Check out their video for On The Run feat. Lance Mountain. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa6rdP5X-do)

Who skates in the band? We all skate, were vibing on these Australian completes made by a company called Penny Skateboards. You can carve so fucking hard on these bad boys!

Whats your liquor of choice? Collectively: COLD beers & vodka. Yew! Australia needs to get on to importing this sick Jamaican beer called Red Stripe!

Thanks boys! 

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