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Get Deadly!

Get Deadly!


Last week on whirlwind trip to Sydney we caught up an old friend Brendan Slugger Davies. We checked out his new line of shorts and spoke about Sydney, Art, creativity and Deadly Garments. 

Slugger, Tell us about Deadly Garments

First and foremost, Deadly Garments is my creative outlet. The idea came about late last year at the end of 2011. I saw an opportunity to create something that was unique and 100% real to me, and the ball has been rolling since! If you were to categorise it, at this point Deadly Garments would fall under Independent Streetwear Label. Yes, the end result is a clothing line, but to me there is so much more to it. I guess i enjoy the freedom it gives me. There is no expectation. There is no rules. Im in total control, or out of control.... It consumes me! The process of everything that is created is very hands on. Im big on the whole D.I.Y. ethics. If ive got to ride my bike 30 mins to find the missing piece of the puzzle, I will. Rain hail or shine. I love the hustle!

What do you hope to achieve with the label?

The label started as a creative outlet as I mentioned. Since the shorts have dropped there has been a really good response. I think people are ready and get excited when they see something come along that has a bit of a different edge to it. The goal is to continue to release small runs of unique garments. Winter is just around the corner, and so is our next instalment! The answer to your question, at the end of the day, would be to achieve recognition from within the industry and fellow labels/brands that i personally look up to.


Where are you products made and what are they made from?

All products are made locally, right here in Sydney, literally ten minutes from my house. The first drop of shorts I produced are made from hand woven Balinese blankets, these are imported, but everything else is done locally. Ive got a really good screenprinter (shout out to Shannon @ Aisle 6ix Industries) just down the road. I am focusing on local production, and in doing smaller runs it works out well. It can be a bit more expensive, but at the same time its more hands on and easier to work out the kinks. I prefer the face to face dealings with the people involved. The idea that them helping me is helping them too.


Your a pretty creative guy, when did you first start making your art?

Art, haha. I dont know if youd call what i create Art? What is art these days...? Everyone is so arty. No look, I think art is all time! Its an outlet for people. It is creativity in any form, and I appreciate that. I get stoked seeing anything fresh. Example, at the Outpost Project last year, this little kid drew a massive YO! on the pavement in fluoro chalk, full nineties graffiti style shading shadowing and everything! That got me stoked. Its the little things.

Personally I have always been creative. I think that in the last couple of years I have started to find my niche. The point that I realised it doesnt have to be so perfect and so serious all the time, just let it flow and have some fun!

What inspires your artworks?

Music. Its around me all hours of the day, cant sleep without it. It could be anything from a lyric, an epic riff, or the artwork that that riff comes packaged in. Fellow creatives. Sarcasm. I come from a Graphic Design background, so i like alot of clean minimal design. Walking/riding around the streets of Sydney, things i see and hear, i like to observe. Usually the best ideas come when you are doing something completely unrelated. I love old signage, and anything old that tells a bit of a story.


How would you describe yourself if you had to?

Ohhh geez. I guess im a pretty humble guy... I dont really get too excited about things (some people take this the wrong way). I could put in a standard rant here, but what good would that do? Im a little bit different to most. A realist. I see things differently, I get pissed off, bit of a lone wolf, i appreciate the little things :)

Your based in sydney, how is that?

Sydney is great! I grew up in a small coastal town where not too much goes on, so big city living is epic. There is alway something to see and/or do. VERY good people watching. I live in Surry Hills, everything i need (except the beach) is right at my doorstep (even the junkies at 7am on the tallies). Its a good spot. Definitely never of short of a party!

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

To be honest, I have never thought that far ahead... Just enjoying living in the now! It would be nice to be running Deadly Garments full time. Who knows what the future holds...


What do you do with your spare time?

Spare time isnt a thing i have had much of lately... I have a couple of cameras. I love snapping candid photos, you can find some here Its good to get out of the city every once and a while, head down the coast and get back to mother nature. A few King Browns on the rooftop never go astray.

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Head over to the Deadly Garments Websore HERE and check out the look book HERE


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