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James Maddocks - New Radical

James Maddocks - New Radical


James, howve you been bru, hows the Canaries trip going?

Im all good,the Canary Trip is amazing it hasnt been the best winter ( the locals say ) but ive been getting some amazing waves, its mostly volcanic rock everywhere but there some fun beach breaks.


Whats your plans now, back to Durban?

Once my visa is up ill be making my way back to Durban to see what i have in store for me. I also plan on visiting a good friend Damien Fahrenfort in Cali to see how the place and waves are. Never been to the states.


Did you see any of the Cyclone surf in Durban, it looked wild?

Yeah i saw the swell back home and wish i was there but a good friends Chad du toit got some epic shots, probably the most heaviest wave ive ever seen at new pier. Huge stand out and stoked for him to be charging so hard.


Are you enjoying the free surfing aspect more than the competitive side?

The free surfing aspect is amazing because you not under pressure like in contests and this allows you to perform better, well with some people. You can focus on getting good pictures and just enjoying surfing for what it is.


A few questions for those without local knowledge. Best crill spot in Durban?

Best Place to eat is Kauai in Florida Road


Favourite break?

Favourite break is of course New Pier


Where would we most likely see you on a Saturday afternoon?

Saturdays If not at the beach ( New Pier ). Catching up with mates.

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