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Step back in time with Dr. Dog

Step back in time with Dr. Dog

Back in my day, I was fortunate to stumble across a band hailing out of West Grove, Pennsylvania, called Dr. Dog. These guys are an amazing mash up of Psychedlic Rock, Indie Rock and whats known as Baroque Pop. Taking a lo-fi approach to their recordings, Dr. Dog have nailed the pop-rock sound originating from the 1960s. The progression of this band has been quite interesting to follow, and in 2007 when they released a 7 Vinyl titled The Girl/Heart It Races, they stapled themselves as a keyplayer in the music industry. This vinyl featured a cover of Becks track titled The Girl and a cover of Australian Pop Group Architecture in Helsinkis Heart It Races. These tracks are ridiculously good, and this band is freakin insane. Check them out, listen to the songs below, and hit us up on Facebook to let us know what you think!

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