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Michael Graham Handmade

Michael Graham Handmade

On a recent delve into the depths of instagram we stumbled upon the crafty wood work of Michael Graham (@msghandmade). His work is super unique and equally impressive! So, as you do, we sent him an email asking what made him tick, where his inspiration comes from & where his interest in wood work comes from.

I’ve been wood working most of my life. I got started in kindergarten, there was a wood working section and a kid made an awesome cross bow and I tried and I failed miserably. So, I made this make-shift battle ship instead and I’ve been wood working ever since. Last year I started doing hand painted signs on salvaged barn wood, but then winter came and I had to find something I could do in my house so I started experimenting with geometric patterns and researching more into Navajo textiles and put them together into the wooden mosaics I make now. Navajo patterns have always stood out to me. They use such bold shapes, patterns and lines. It’s something that when I look at it, the weight of the designs is just appealing to my eyes. I’m interested in working with repurposed wood because I can take a piece of wood and make something interesting out of it. I like showcasing its imperfections like the knots and whirls, the parts that most people would try to hide—I like to show them off





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