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Jack The Snipper

Jack The Snipper


For the last couple of years theres only one barber Ive been to see, Paul from JACK THE SNIPPER. Over the years hes been chatting about doing his own line of grooming products and about six months ago I got to try out his first prototype which not only smelt amazing, it worked a treat. Recently its all come together, theyve got their first Australian made production arrive and the quality is second to none. Enough of my babbling, this is what they had to say on their about section on their website.

We are JACK THE SNIPPER. We make grooming products for Men.

Authentic, affordable and Australian.

Here at JTS, we aren’t particularly hipster, we just get a kick out of what we do.

Taking ourselves too seriously,  just isn’t in our philosophy.

Each product is developed with passion and integrity by our Barber of 25 years.

Working with the finest chemists in Australia, we have developed the perfect all-rounders for your bathroom. Whatever your style.



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