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Brook Power
November 08, 2018

Brook Power

Model / Surfer / Artist / Mum - the effortlessly cool Californian native has her finger in many pies. We sent the bad ass babe a few questions to find out what life’s really like in the World of Brook Power.





You were raised in Hawaii but live in California, they seem like polar opposites - what do you love about the two?

Haha that’s funny you think that, I feel like California is the state most similar to Hawaii, beach culture and laid back. Parts of Hawaii are desert like California too,  but yeah they obviously have big differences. I love the nature of both! The surf is different in both but both are fun. I was born in Inglewood so I have such a love for Los Angeles’ mixed culture and cute old neighborhoods and style. It can be so great. I’ve been really missing Hawaii lately though and I’m trying to buy a house up by the jungle on North Shore where I grew up cuz I miss the rain! And I miss Hawaiian’s dumb sense of humor :(


Surfing is a big part of your life - do you think this connection to the ocean is important to keep you grounded? When did you first get into surfing?

Yeah it’s been hard to get surf time in since I had baby boy Ozzie, and I work so much too. I know the lack of surf has been hurting my sanity a little or a lot. My dad grew up in dogtown era Del Rey so always surfed and moved us to Hawaii when I was 5 after the LA riots. I taught myself to surf because my dad would just make me paddle out on huge days and then ditch me so I just would get worked and have to figure it out myself hah he’s so mean. I figured it out though.


Favourite place to surf and why?

V land aka velzy land on north shore oahu. It’s a lil bit of a paddle out and usually more of a local crowd. I usually ride mid length single fin boards and v land is kinda perfect for them. So funnn I miss it.


You make art too - what inspires your creative work behind Bush Baby Made?

Old funny playboy editorials, day dreams, Salvador Dali, flowers, animals, hot chicks, old books, sparkly water, Matisse,  Fantasia, 1970’s movie The Black Stallion, among other things.


Who is your style icon?

Pippie longstockings, 90s Gwen Stefani, Diana vreeland, cholas, grandpas, my 4 year old niece, cleopatra, and Matilda.


You were named Playboy Playmate of the year for 2017 - was this a trip out? Did you get the chance to meet the Hef?

No Hef passed away shortly after I became PMOY. I mean I didn’t really trip out on it haha I didn’t really care, I just did it for money cuz it’s my job haha, but yeah it’s kinda weird. I never expected to ever be a model as a job, let alone a model for playboy. I’m like a gross tomboy nature horse raggamuffin girl not a typical playboy chick bahaha, it’s a new era though. I shot the playmate of the year story two and a half months after I had Ozzie, I don’t know how my body went back to normal so fast cuz my belly was massive.  I was like a milk machine when I shot that one too so it’s a little ridiculous looking. I have a new story coming out soon with them that Alie and I shot that we love! We collaborated on the creative direction and concept and styling just the two of us.

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