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Dive into the depths and discover the treasures of sustainability and art in our newest collaboration with local artist and long-time friend Nirvana Selwood.

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Nirvana's capsule ties into our mission for the planet through her graphic clam with a crafted pearl to represent the conscious changes and environmental considerations that we all need to make, which over time will build the foundation for a positive future in the fashion industry. Swim through the artistic and unique slouchy-fit oversized tees, hoodies, and long sleeves. Each piece is produced with the planet in mind - made from eco-friendly hemp and organic blends. We caught up with Nirvana to chat about our latest collaboration and see how life on the road is treating her.

Hey Nirvana! How are you? Also, where are you? 

I am SO good. Every day I'm getting closer and closer to feeling more present and content with where I am in life. Every time we get back out on the road and I leave my social network/comforts it's always an adjustment and sometimes I can experience feelings of FOMO. It has been a progression to ground myself whilst being nomadic, and I finally feel at peace and am so grateful I have the privilege to travel across country. I am currently out in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) and have been exploring Arrernte, Luritja and Pitjantjatjara country. Life is good.

We know you're travelling around Australia at the moment, what has been your favourite place so far?

Tjoritja (West MacDonnell ranges) outside of Mparntwe. We hiked the Larapinta over 13 days end to end and the country we saw was beyond words. Also the entirety of Tasmania. The people, the land, the wildlife, the camping, the hiking and the oysters. Best place EVER.

Any funny road trip stories?

Obviously I'm a resourceful traveller, among many other survival strategies I like to decanter my larger bottles into smaller ones just for that compact, aerodynamic feel. It was just like any other day in Melbourne, and as the afternoon hit; it was time for a shower. Having finished washing my bits, I left all my washing goodies in the shower for Louie to use. A few minutes pass and I'm already tucked into bed just about to start Ep 4 of Bridgerton when I hear a screech from the bathroom. "What the fuck is this shit?!" Instantly thinking I left a surprise in there, Louie comes out holding a small listerine bottle which I had previously decantered my shampoo into, unbeknownst to him. An innocent victim of my resourcefulness, poor Lou had just rinsed his mouth with shampoo. Unfortunately without the same result, Moogoo lingered in his mouth till the following day. Bless up.

We just dropped our latest collaboration that has been in the works for quite sometime - can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration this capsule? 

As a brand that is constantly evolving with its surrounding environment, I wanted to communicate their vision for the future through this capsule. With the progression of Afends hemp farm and the potential of being able to source and produce their own ethical materials, this capsule suggests that by building these foundations they can provide an innovative and sustainable product into the future. Hoping that they can be a positive example for fellow brands and consumers who question traditional processes and look at the future of fashion from an alternative perspective. The clam represents the conscious changes and considerations that need to be made as a whole, which overtime will foster and produce a precious pearl; hopefully a world that is cared for and thrives well into the future.

Have you found your travels are inspiring your art? If so, how?

This is one thing I was sceptical about before I left because everyone said how inspired I will be from this trip. I struggled to relate my art style to the environment I would be exposed to and felt pressured to translate that through the use of landscapes and flower paintings. Alas, I realised my approach was too literal. I have been massively inspired by the colours, textures and flora life on country, especially in areas around Central Australia. I am excited to experiment with more abstract methods in my practice, uniquely merging these themes with my own style. Through this I'm keen to create a new body of work that combines the roughed and vivid colours and textures of the land with some of my tacky faves, rhinestones, glitter and pop culture. 

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