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Distorted Youth Part I: South Coast Surf
October 25, 2018

Distorted Youth Part I: South Coast Surf

An exploration into the alternative movements that allowed us to become what we are today. Removed from the capitalist economy, we find time to explore: to surf, skate and make music, to enjoy.

With a focus on 90s fashion and timeless aesthetics, Distorted Youth infuses the anarchist sentiments of the infamous decade with classic styles that have stood the test of time.

Part I of our Distorted Youth release sees our mates Jai Walsh, Tito La Vole and Sean Mawson surfing the South Coast with legend Max Zappas behind the camera. After an earlier trip in the year, we knew by now what to expect from the torched trio who’d quickly become mates, and who would epitomise the very essence of the Distorted Youth mantra.

Featuring key graphics from the season including our namesake tee, Distorted, the boys took the new Afends gear on the road as they hit the studio, favourite surf spots and got up to.. we don't really know, but it looks like they had fun.

View the latest clip & check out the new range below.




Featuring: Jai Walsh, Tito La Vole and Sean Mawson

Video & Photography: Max Zappas

Song: 'Hell' by Los Scallywags

















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