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Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams is our capsule collection created in collaboration with our incredibly talented muse Nirvana Selwood. We spent a day in the life of the Byron Bay-based artist to get a glimpse into Nirvana's world and get to know the inspiration behind her artwork.

Yes, it's true, her real name is Nirvana, and whether her name reflects grunge rock or spiritual enlightenment, is still questioned today. The 23-year-old Byron Bay-based artist utilises this contrast to inspire the foundation for her art.

Nirvana explores the relationship between themes of heaven and hell, spirituality and the crass, Limp Bizkit, and Frank Sinatra, all whilst intertwining pop culture. ‘Follow Your Dreams’ juxtaposes the light and the dark; frangipanis are set on fire, a dolphin leaps through a ring of flames, and butterflies clash against tribal stamps.

Drawing majority of her inspiration from the dream realm, it seemed appropriate to create a body of work that encompasses the idea of following your dreams. However, it is the irony of this message when compared to Nirvana’s playfully gothic work, which truly shows her interest in the subtle balance between grunge ideas and spiritual enlightenment. Either way, each one of her personalities as a Gemini, has a role to play in the insanity of her work.

Photos & Video : Jana Kirn @j_kirn

Music By :  Cupid And The Stupids @the_best_original_love_quotes


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