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Helping Eliminate Malicious Propaganda

Helping Eliminate Malicious Propaganda

Afends invites you to broaden your horizons with the revolutionary Cannabis plant. In our upcoming seven-part documentary series by Dominic Sullivan and Jessekah Forrest, we attempt to remove the controversial image that 70 years of propaganda has left behind.

For years now, Afends has been working to promote and honour the miracle plant by helping to soften the stigma that is often carried over from recreational cannabis on to the plant as a whole; regardless of its medicinal, nutritional and commercial benefits, and while we're closer to it's former glory than ever before we're still a way off, especially here in Australia.

On April 17th, 2019, we'll be launching with a full release of the documentary series at the Byron Bay Community Centre & Theatre, followed by a web episode each week for those who can't make it and to get the word out!

Check out the trailer below, featuring Dominic Sullivan as he attempts to navigate the wide-ranging and sometimes utterly confusing world of cannabis and hemp and the legal, cultural and environmental systems that surround it.


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