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Against All Authority - Afends Skate Team Does NZ
2018January 25, 2018

Against All Authority - Afends Skate Team Does NZ



Having recently inducted a couple of young friends in to the Afends family, it was decided that there was no better way to initiate the new members of the skate team than throwing them all in a van and hitting the road… Where? It didn’t really matter. New territory was the call with the emphasis on ‘New’… I think it was Boydos that first mentioned New Zealand as a potential destination. The fact it had the word ‘New’ in it was enough to convince the rest of us. New Zealand it was…So without further questioning we were headed across the Tasman: Five hungry skateboarders, James James on filming duties and myself in the deep end. One thing we perhaps should have questioned was the weather; we only scored a few clear days the whole time we were there. But as the following content will attest, on the few occasions the heavens weren’t pissing on us, the hungry lads held it down. 


Living in extremely close proximity with six other dudes 24 hours a day with somewhat of an objective should be hard, but lucky we're blessed with a bloody good group of heads, keeping the vibes high and finding the right balance between work & play. Go grab a copy of The Skateboarders Journal to read the whole article and watch the clip filmed by the one and only James James, playing on the site now! 














Team Riders:

Boyd Young @chongonlivelong

Trent Riley @t_buna

Bibi Bradbury @bibibradbury

Nixen Osborne @nixen_osborne

Joey Cormack @joeycormak_98



Wade McLaughlin @wade_mclaughlin



James James @thejamesjames

Thanks to The Skateboard's Journal for featuring the trip in their latest issue!


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