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Neon Nights

Neon Nights

We take a look back at our last thirty years, reviving the most influential aspects of our generation. The nineties were in full swing, the early two-thousands were lost in translation, and our last ten years have seen classics of a retro revival, balanced by our generation's new customs.

The heart of the collection is 'Express Yourself', an ode to a generation who've broken the mould of traditional success to pursue their creativity and never look back.

Afends is proud to launch our Season 2 collection, an eclectic range with an emphasis on quality and contemporary style, mingled with our renowned retro goodness. Diverse prints mix in a pot of micro-ditsy daisies, 90s check and bold stripes, complemented by premium fabrications including hemp, tencel & organic cotton.

Inspired by the glowing streets of Tokyo, we took our latest range along with one of our favourites, Aria Llord, to the iconic 'Pink Hotel' in Coolangatta, Australia, for a neon-fuelled night of bright lights, loud music and pop art. With a built-in dive bar, tattoo parlour and stencilled pop art adorning every room, all we needed was a slow shutter speed and the location was the perfect playground to showcase our visions and designs.


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