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For our latest rendition of Create Not Destroy [VOL 9] we collaborated with long-time mate Luke Walker to bring you Actual Pain: a chaotic world of heavy metal and dark art. We caught up with Luke to see what he gets up to when he's not tattooing, surfing or featuring in Afends campaigns. 

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Inspired by Luke's passion for tattoo art and grunge aesthetic, Actual Pain sees manic styles colliding with subtle graphics in eco-friendly hemp and organic cotton blends. From oversized graphic t-shirts to fixed waist boardshorts and socks to tie it all together, this hemp artist capsule is a true representation of Luke's personal style. 

This is your first capsule with us! Talk us through Actual Pain and the inspiration behind it?  

Actual Pain comes from tattooing, as it hurts, and then I wrote it down on paper, and it looked sick, so I thought I’d run with it as a name. My capsule takes inspiration from tattoos, stamps and stickers everywhere. I just got a few of my art pieces and placed them on my clothes, spoke to a few of the boys, they sorted it out, and yeah, this is my capsule.

Have you always been creative?

Yeah, I’ve always been into art and drawing and a lot of painting lately - I’ve been getting into this abstract script sort of thing. I’ve been selling a few pieces to a few friends and people that have been hitting me up. I get a couple of words that you want to say and then write them down and start from scratch and see how it turns out – and people like them, so that’s good!

When you’re not tattooing, surfing or featuring in Afends campaigns, where can we find you?

I'm doing the band stuff, I've been recording a few new songs and writing some music with the boys, so that’s going great. The band is called Takaicardia - a lot of people ask us what our name is, and it’s pretty hard to pronounce it, but Tay-Kay-Cardia is how you say it.

What’s in the pipeline for 2022?

2022… I’m pretty much just going to finish my apprenticeship, keep working, keep working for Afends, keep doing art, surfing, and yeah, everything that I’m into, which is great.

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Artwork by @lukewalker_____

Videography by @nicholasstevens & @fastback_studios

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