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Explorer Series - Part 2 New Zealand
April 19, 2017

Explorer Series - Part 2 New Zealand

The South Island of NZ is more beautiful than you could ever imagine. The rugged landscapes, lined with windswept beaches, are a photographer's wet dream.
For surfing, the prolific beaches break along the rock bottom formations, creating a setup for waves to make you cream. Unfortunately, the swell we were chasing turned out to be too big and windy, so surf-wise it was a good old skunking.
Regardless of not getting barrelled, we still managed to score a few fun days and explored some new areas that blew our minds. We drove for hours and hours across the country each day, managing to smoke as many lordys as we could with a tinny in the other hand.

Thanks to all the new friends we made and Nick for his hospitality. If you haven't been to NZ, we seriously recommend you go!" JS

Team Riders:  

Duncan McNicol @skulkicker

Josh Sleep (JS)

Garrett Parkes @garrettparks

Jordy Congdon @j_o_r_d_z

Location: New Zealand 

Film: Kaius Potter 

Photography: Nick Rapley 


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