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Behind The Afends Recycled Collection

Behind The Afends Recycled Collection

Introducing Sidewalk, the latest addition to the Afends recycled collection. Made from 100% GRS recycled fibres, this collection breathes life into what was considered waste. 

This unisex collection is a traditionally unsustainable line of streetwear created at peace with the planet combining elements of sustainable and innovative design. Made entirely from Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified recycled nylon, recycled poly and recycled cotton, this collection requires less water, reduces CO2 and saves energy. Using material that would have otherwise gone to waste, recycled clothing supports zero-waste fashion and a circular industry. By investing in Afends recycled collection, you are investing in the planet.


What is GRS certified material? 

The GRS certification refers to the Global Recycled Standard that all recycled materials are required to meet. The main goal of the GRS is to increase the use of recycled material by reducing the harsh impacts on people and the planet, providing assurance in sustainable production, increasing the percentage of recycled content in products and ensuring the alignment of recycled definitions.

Benefits of Recycled Clothing

The main benefit of utilising recycled materials is to minimise waste from ending up in landfills and polluting the planet – so basically, a big smooch to mother earth. While these are still considered synthetic garments - they are made from recycling material that already exists rather than producing new material.

The process to manufacture recycled fibres into garments demands significantly fewer resources than when the material is in its virgin state and many natural fibres, for that matter - requiring less water, reducing CO2 emissions and using less energy than conventional cotton. Utilising recycled materials requires zero land use, conserves raw materials and increases the overall life cycle, contributing to zero-waste fashion and a closed-loop system. 


Why we love recycled.

Longer Life Cycle

Minimises Waste

Zero Land Use

Recycled is Better for the planet.

Less Water Consumption

Reduces CO2

Saves Energy

* when compared to conventional cotton, find out more here

How to Manage Microfibres 

Microfibres are tiny pieces of plastic that shred from synthetic material (yes, even the recycled kind) and sneak into the waterways polluting the big blue. However, there are ways to avoid this from happening, including washing your recycled clothing in a wash-bag designed to trap the fibres. Additionally, ensure you wash less, wash heavy, wash cold and wash gentle. Ensuring you have a heavy load of washing before chucking your machine on means there’s less chance of friction and therefore less chance of the microfibres shredding from the garments.

The future of Recycled Fashion at Afends

Recycled fashion has recently become a core pillar at Afends. The fibre provides so many opportunities to create garments that are traditionally unsustainable in at peace with the planet. This notion is embodied by the Afends recycled collection Sidewalk, with the Streetlights Anorak and Sidewalk Pants inspired by a waterproof co-ord set and the Streetlights Crew Neck inspired by a polar fleece minus the harsh environmental impacts. The future of recycled fashion at Afends will continue to provide trend-forward streetwear-inspired garments with love to people and the planet. Time to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle




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