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Chasing Waves - With Garrett Parks

Chasing Waves - With Garrett Parks



Our team rider, Garrett Parkes is always on the road, sending postcards from where we'd rather be. We recently caught up with him to find out how he's going!



Hey Garrett! What the hell have you been doing?

"At the moment I'm in the snow in Jindabyne snowboarding, before that though I spent about two months in SA hunting waves in the desert, drinking tinnies and living life,I was on my way back from south Australia about a month ago with a buddy Kane  and we decided to go for a shred on the slopes, had so much fun I've been here since haha before that though I spent a month in Indonesia, I met up with my dad and a few other older surfers in northern Sumatra. We did a two week boat trip and scored swell after swell, was really cool to hangout with dad and the other guys. 



You've taken a bit of a break from competing this year, how are you feeling about it?

It feels great! The repetitive ness and  whole Comp scene can get a bit annoying at times so to just have some time to go surfing where I want, when I want, ride whatever I want and surf however Is epic, but who knows maybe I'll froth back up in a bit, for Now though big pits and kickers will do me!




What are your favourite picks from our Spring range, what have you been wearing the most?

Haha I'm frothing on the 'fire' hemp tee and the saliva short sleeve, that button ups gonna look uber squiz out the monkeys this summer hahahah 

Give us some inspirational words!

All hail lord Minkie and milky


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