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Introducing: Chess Club - a tribute to our original 201 Chess Pants in collaboration with our talented long-time mate and owner of iconic pants destination Brick + Mortar Supply, Brendan Parks.

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Our best-selling 201 Chess Pants were so widely loved by you that we decided to bring them back for another round, and this time we have dedicated an entire collection to them. The Chess Club capsule sees a sustainable hemp offering, inclusive of our iconic pantszip-up shirts, graphic tees with artwork by Sam Octigan, and plenty of accessories to play with. Drawing inspiration from streetwear style combined with Breno's love for chess and passion for leisure and comfort, this capsule will take you from the couch to the concrete with ease. We recently caught up with Breno to chat all things chess, discover his secret to the perfect pant, and see what's in store for the future of Brick + Mortar.

Can you tell us a bit about your Melbourne-based store Brick + Mortar Supply & what you have in store for the future? 

Brick + Mortar is a street store located on Greville Street in Prahran. It was initially the Afends concept store, before being rebuilt in 2013, becoming the Brick + Mortar which stands today. Eight years deep in the game, we're looking at a new world, putting paranoia to bed, and painting a new picture. Brick + Mortar has a few strong chess moves ready to be played in the future. The store is expanding on what we are already known for, having the widest selection of pants in Oz, continuing to grow, and refining our offerings and collaborative releases that we have here tucked away. We're also working on an outdoor public chess tournament for Chess Club, a shop skate video with our full team of riders, and getting ready to launch a small record label.  

Our Chess Club capsule is a tribute to your love for chess and your physical chess club. When did you discover this passion? 

2017, I'd never played a game in my life and was challenged a few times in the lead-up to Christmas. That day I was given the basic knowledge on how to play and from there, the passion began. I stuck at it for a few months and by the time daylight savings ended in 2018, we no longer had time to skate after work and catch up, so I decided to get some friends together and start the Chess Club, a social event held Most Tuesdays at the shop here. What began with a few friends and was 'invite only' has now grown to include new friends from all over Melbourne. 

Having one of the widest selection of pants in Australia, what do you think makes the perfect pant? 

It's a combination of function + fashion. Something multifunctional always has a seat at the Brick + Mortar table. We heavily focus on workwear labels in store. Tried and trusted, tough, and timeless. Leisure also needs a place at the table, and being equipped for adventure is essential too. 

This capsule saw the comeback of our popular chess pants, can you run us through the key features that make them the perfect pant to take you from couch to concrete? 

The key features that make the Chess pant the perfect pant are that they are multifunctional, durable & comfortable. You can style them up with a belt, or tone it down with the internal drawstring when you skate, and let the drawstring free when you travel or relax on the couch. Light enough in weight to wear in summer, heavy enough to hold their structure. They are fit for any occasion.

The Chess Pant prioritises leisure and comfort without compromising sustainability. What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion? 

The fight needs to continue for a more sustainable future indeed, but caution is taken with those who fly what flag. Don't get caught on the high horse. Greenwashing can be toxic. There are lots of marketing agents working overtime. Having the knowledge that most profit comes from a problem, the unsustainable practices of the fashion industry are a huge problem. There's a generational shift that has allowed new people in higher positions to make decisions for a better, more sustainable future.

Social awareness is also at an all-time high, the individual can and has the knowledge to make more thoughtful decisions to buy sustainable products. Other companies will fall in line when consumers' fast fashion purchases slow down. Effect their profits and watch change happen overnight. Consumption as a whole is ultimately the issue. Sustainability is the best solution we have to that bigger problem. Be the change you want to see, and do it in style while wearing the hemp & organic cotton blend chess pants. Or, save your conscience, at least.

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Founder of Brick + Mortar Supply: Brendan Parks


Artist: Sam Octigan @samoctigan

Photographer: @wilhelmphilipp

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