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Little Less Trash Talking With Doug Bennett

Little Less Trash Talking With Doug Bennett

Little less trash talking, little more action please. Trash talk is our latest artist series in collaboration with our good mate Doug Bennett, featuring torched Elvis and a call to action. Our menswear designer Marcus caught up with locked in Doug Benett down in Melbourne town to chat all things Trash Talk, conspiracy theories and what life in lockdown looks like for a creative.




Hey G! How’s things been down in Melbourne? Coping with lockdown?

It’s different, taking everything day by day. Over the government’s mainstream lies and the corrupt corporations
destroying the earth and sprit of humans. Especially over the rules. More rules than I’ve ever had in my life to be
honest. Curfews, masks and fines and police, everything not my vibe. Feeling all types of new things but got my
head up. Hope keeps it going.

What’s a day in the life look like for locked in Doug Bennett?

It changes so much depending on how I feel when I wake up and how the weather is outside but every day, I try
keep busy constantly working on something. I paint, draw, read, think, get sun, always taking photos, listen to
music, eat good foods, relax and empty the ashtray 

Have you had time to bunker down in the studio? What have you been working on lately?

So many crazy things and lots of paintings. I got so much stuff lined up. So, if you care don’t go nowhere. I just
really would like to be able to have exhibitions and do projects that bring people together again. Put a bit of the
flavour in the air.





There have been some amazing conspiracy theories thrown around Byron at the moment - I’m sure Melbourne is the same, you got the scoop on any mad theories?

Where to start? Are they even conspiracy theories anymore? Fake battle, real war, the government is spying on
us, paedophile world leaders and celebrities, AI, corona, the pandemic, 5G, ancient civilizations, technology, Gobekli Tepe, rich get richer, Epstein, Bill Gates. 
What’s real? What’s the point of anything? QUESTION EVERYTHING.

We got this capsule coming out now, we are all real psyched on it, what’s your thoughts / favourite piece?

Ooo Bless, I’m really psyched on it too something pretty to the eye with a very real message! We do some
good shit together, let’s keep it going!!! My favourite piece would be all of it honestly. I love the socks though! They are super fun.









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