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Breathe in that fresh farm air, and take a morning stroll with AFENDS as we take you behind the scenes of planting our second-ever hemp crop.

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In celebration of 'National Hemp Day', we take you behind the scenes with Co-Founders Declan Wise and Jono Salfield to 'Sleepy Hollow Farm', as they lay down 40kg of fresh hemp seeds to welcome in 2023. AFENDS are giving this years hemp crop a glow-up as we plant on new soil and less elevated ground. Stay tuned and in around 5 months time, our hemp crop should be fully grown and ready for harvesting.

As AFENDS continue to break down the cannabis-related stigma and cultivate change, we are constantly learning throughout our processes. Our goal as a sustainable fashion label is to one day be able to bring manufacturing back to home soil, and our first hemp crop in 2022, has given our team the opportunity to discover and learn more about the techniques that will get us closer. A new hemp crop, brings new opportunities and we're excited to see where this takes us. 

HEMP SEEDS FOR DAYS - 40 kilos worth of hemp seeds are loaded into buckets, ready for planting. 

SHOWING THE LITTLE ONES THE ROPES - Co-Founder, Deco, showing his daughter the ropes. 

A FARM ISN'T A FARM WITHOUT A BIG RED TRACTOR - This is where the sowing happens.

THE FINAL STEP - Time for h2o to work its magic. 


Shop Mens Hemp Clothing 

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