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Talking Spring Campaigns with Jono Salfield & The Lens

Talking Spring Campaigns with Jono Salfield & The Lens




Campaign shoots are always special, particularly when it happens to take place is Southern Hemisphere’s largest legal hemp field. That being said, who better to execute this unique and mindblowing concept than the team at Byron Bay based label, Afends.

To learn more, we caught up with the brands captain and chief, Jono Salfield, to talk about the exciting spring campaign, what makes the range so special, who were the lucky few to be a part of the campaign and much more.




Jono, you’ve just wrapped shooting the Afends Spring 16 campaign. Give us a run down of the concept and how it went?
The concept behind the Afends Hemp Revolution is to get across the importance of looking to new ways to manufacture sustainable products. We believe Hemp is the answer for the not only the textile industry but many other products such as paper, fuel, food and medicine. So our way of promoting this amazing plant is to do what we love and that’s skating and playing music and of course we had to do it in the field again. The day was full of action and probably could of stretched over a few days, but all in all it was a pretty fun day. 



This is the second range you’ve shot in the biggest hemp plantation in the Southern Hemisphere, what keeps you coming back?
It’s too good not to come back. The feeling of being around so many sativa plants is something super special. The smell and hype of everyone is an over whelming feeling. We also wanted to show a few more of our good mates what it’s like to be in a big field of weed. 



All in all I guess these aspects all tie the whole vibe of the Afends brand name together perfectly?
Yeah, you could say Afends is a bit of a hemp and other styles of hemp lover, but we are promoting to the people that hemp is something that is of importance and I truly believe that it can do great things for our planet if we open our eyes and start to explore new industry that are sustainable for mass production. 



What makes Afends new range so special?
Our new range is full of diversity. We have everything from hemp made garments to our high quality standard fit logo tees. We take extra care in all our products to make sure that we make high quality garments that fit well. A lot of time and effort goes into this process. This summer we have taken extra care in our women’s lines and swim programs. It’s exciting seeing all the products come out that our team have spent so much effort in creating. 





What will we catch you wearing from the latest drop?
In the surf I’ll be wearing the Oil Wash Hemp 2.0 Boardshort. This partial product has been a massive passion product for us we wanted this boardshort to really open peoples eyes on hemp for surf shorts. On the land I’ll be wearing our Deadbeat jeans with our clubby Hemp Polo shirt (something different this item is very comfortable) in the day when it heats up and you need to wear shorts I’ll be all about the Pint Elastic waist walkshort. 



Did you draw inspiration from past collections or were these based off fresh ideas?
Alot of the range is based off past collections, we like to get the best elements and then build on them we are constantly improving on fits and styling. Some of the line is fresh ideas.. 



Who was a part of the campaign?
This year we invited our good friends the Dune Rats, Waxhead and our skate team Macca, Bonez, Charles, Dylan Monk and Cameron Markin to feature in the campaign. 



Hmmm…. no doubt the boys took a few samples?
Yeah, I had a big box of samples and came back with nothing which was the plan everyone there loved all the new product. Keep an eye out for the new line dropping soon. Thanks to everyone that helped out we really appreciate all the hard work. 

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