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The Tokyo Test.

The Tokyo Test.

We sent three of our team riders on a trip to Tokyo with one mission: put our latest designs through the wringer.

Taj, Tito and Jhamil had all the makings of a classic Afends trip. Some beers, some boards and clean Afends designs. Taking to the streets in our latest range of vintage-inspired custom jacquard, offbeat graphic tees and new hemp favourites, it wasn’t Titos pink hair that made them stand out from the crowds. After making waves in Shibuya, they caught some at the Chiba Peninsula, and threw in a cheeky moto ride for good measure. Our new generation Hemp 4.2.0 boardshorts held up with the antics, against all odds.

But it wouldn’t be an Afends trip without supporting sustainability, so we sent ‘em to the Greenroom Festival. Held at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, the concept of the festival is to bring awareness to the shrinking number of usable domestic beaches in Japan; through an outdoor party of course. Being the 15th anniversary of the festival we made sure we attended again as we've done for the past few years, complete with an Afends installation where the boys customised totes for festival goers and showed them an all-round good time. Cheers to the boys for being legends & @workbydom for capturing the trip. Check out the flicks below to see our latest drop withstand the test of Tokyo.

Video: Dom Sullivan @workbydom

Music: K.A.N.T.A @kantaland







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