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Afends Hemp Revolution


The Afends Hemp Revolution is our way of promoting sustainability to our consumers as well as the surf and fashion industries. The fashion industry alone is one of the biggest contributors of pesticides world wide – mainly due to cotton farming. The more we investigated and researched hemp, the deeper our understanding became that this plant is the way of the future. No chemicals or pesticides are needed to grow it, and with a extremely quick growth rate and it requires much less water to grow as opposed to cotton.

The youth are the future and we feel it’s important for Afends to be a role model in sustainable practices. We have spent over two years researching hemp - using all means necessary, the internet, talking to people in the industry, watching documentaries and even going to Australia’s largest hemp field and what we took away from this research is that hemp is the most sustainable way to make clothing, by a long shot. However, the hemp industry is still stuck in the 1800’s when it comes to technology due to the criminalisation of hemp products and their derivatives for so many years. The taboo surrounding this plant is still its downfall. Despite this, the hemp industry is on the rise! Hemp makes incredible durable clothing and becomes super soft over time, wearing in not out.

Our Hemp Revolution campaign isn’t just about using hemp in the clothing industry, but in many other industries - fuel, medicine and building to name just a few. We want to take this opportunity to showcase what an incredible plant hemp really is - help us spread the word and become a Hemp Ambassador with us!

By investing in the Afends 'HEMP REVOLUTION' you are helping the fashion industry move towards the use of more eco friendly fabrics!



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