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Hemp & Eco Fibres Factory

Hemp & Eco Fibres Factory

Hemp & Eco Fibres Factory




77% Female
23% Male




Fair Wear Foundation Member

EcoCert Organic Content Standards

Global Organic Textile Standards

At Afends we are fully committed to the journey towards partnering with factories that share the same environmental and socio-economic sustainability values as we do. Our Hemp & Organic Cotton garment supplier first opened its doors in 1999, since then they have been leading the way in sustainable fibre development and innovation making it an easy choice for us to partner with them to continually create quality hemp & organic products that wear in not out.

Why We Love Them

Why We Love Them

Why We Love Them This supplier is one that we can really be proud of. They run 100% on solar power and hold certifications with the Organic Content Standards (OCS 100 and OCS Blended) and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Not only are the fibres that they use sustainable, but their processes are too. All their manufacturing facilities are carefully audited, and they have their own QC staff employed to ensure that the strict standards they have in place are met. They also adhere to EU standards for dyeing and wastewater treatment – processes that can have devastating effects on the environment if they are not done responsibly. As well as the massive ground they are making in environmental sustainability, they are also doing amazing things when it comes to their staff. They were the first Chinese member of the Fair Wear Foundation, a European NGO that works to improve the workplace conditions in the garment and textile industry.

Free Shuttle Bus

Free shuttle bus to and from work, a sporting event or activity every quarter and a tourism trip once a year to a local place of interest to encourage team building.

Veggie Garden

On-site veggie garden for employees to access constant fresh food. Plus an in-house canteen that provides affordable meals for workers where they only have to pay 20% of the meal cost. They also offer free meals to staff who carry-out over-time.

Solar Power Scheme

Solar power scheme introduced for all employees’ homes. Financial encouragement to any workers children who pass the university entrance exam to promote higher education.

To sweeten the deal even further, they participate in multiple humanitarian efforts. In 2013 they started a foundation that aims to help those that have been affected by physical disabilities by assisting them with medical bills and day-to-day expenses. They also donate to a Leprosy Project hoping to make breakthroughs in the antibacterial properties of hemp to assist those affected with Leprosy.

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