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Switch Off: Elfy Scott
August 30, 2018

Switch Off: Elfy Scott

 We were born into an ever-turning propaganda machine, at a time when a wall of noise, opinions and demanding visuals are broadcast so forcefully, brazenly, and consumed so willingly. Following aimlessly, we sleepwalk through life, accepting the mirage society has presented us.


Stop the noise.

Go outside.

Surf, skate, paint, draw, dance, play music, chill.

Be present, be yourself.

Work less, judge less.

Love more, coexist.

Get Free.

Question Everything.

In our newfound freedom we switched off for a day free from the blaring noise & visuals of the propaganda machine.

We put the skate team to work building a makeshift skate-ramp from scratch, while we spent time with Elfy Scott, golden girl and all-around legend, exploring the farm and all it's hidden wonders.

As the sun set we joined our friends by the fireside, while our favourite local band Seaside provided the live tunes and kept the vibes high.


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Words by AFENDS
Model: Elfy Scott – @elfyscott
Photography: Reece Hjorth – @pepthesheltie
Videography: Kale Neville @kaleneville























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